About Us

Phones45 is a platform with the vision to create a premium online Phone platform that is able to meet the discerning demand of Lagos & other residents in Nigeria who are looking for Quality and Affordable mobile phones which include Foreign Used(UK/USA/Dubai/China), Brand new and accessories from around the globe. Our phones pass through quality assurance checks before delivery to customer and the used items has up-to 6 months warranty.


We strive to expand our range of products offered every day by constantly bringing in choice products and popular brands, be it Foreign used, Nigerian used or Brand New. You can find everything you need under one roof, right here at Phones45!


We work closely with our suppliers/merchants and industry partners to provide you with only the high quality products, which meet up your demand and exceed your expectations. Putting customers at the heart of everything we do is what we’re passionate about!


Today, with Phones45 Online, we aim to become a one-stop online center for all your mobile phone needs, which includes Buying, Selling, Wholesale, Partnership & Repairs. This platform is our next evolution as a physical retailer in the modern age and it is also intended to facilitate you with your need routine to provide you with an easier, faster and effortless method to gain access to your demand. It’s a shopping spree made easy with Phones45!


Are you creative and passionate about e-commerce evolution? Join out team (Email us: hr@phones45.com)